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Orange List Video Review

Submission Grappling Position Review

After reviewing this video with your Ninja Girl, call out various positions and have them get in to them.


Get the Wiggles Out With Addison

DIY Grappling Dummy

Work on the Orange List with your dummy!  Check out the Submission Grappling Sections for  more instruction!


Obstacle Courses

An obstacle course is a great way to improve agility, increase spatial awareness and have fun!  

Ideas for your obstacle course:

Climbing under tables and chairs

Jumping or rolling over a cushion or pillow

Flying kick over something

Kick or punch a couch cushion 

Do a grappling…

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A Game for Focus and Self Control

Here is a great game for you to play at home with your little Ninjas.

Stand in front of each other. Partner A is to maintain their composure, not laugh or break a smile.  Partner B can do anything they can come up with, besides touching the other person to make them laugh.  Funny faces, noises or…

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Ninja Girls Start Here

Hello to our Ninja Girls and Parents of our Ninja Girls!  We will soon be bringing Ninja Girl specific content to you!

In the meantime check out our other sections.  Your Ninja Girls can work on their grappling moves, learn new ones, learn Kickboxing Techniques, and find many different exercises…

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